Emissions Testing

Emissions Testing

Emissions tests require repeatable extremely accurate dynamometers to allow the vehicle to be tested under accurately simulated road conditions, whilst in the emission laboratory. The Chassis Dynamometer needs to exceed the demanding performance criteria required by the US EPA directive, FTP 75 / SFTP (US06) EUDC standards. These criteria include:

  • Accurate Road Load simulation to ensure the vehicle is tested under operational conditions
  • Fast, critically damped Inertia simulation response to provide realistic loading of the test vehicle powertrain
  • Accurate synchronisation of multi roller systems to provide „through the road“ type conditions
  • Effective parasitic loss compensation

Our Emissions Chassis Dynamometer provides an extremely accurate, repeatable and responsive electrical inertia simulation vehicle test system. The chassis dynamometer utilises an AC motor centrally mounted between the rolls that provides a compact, low maintenance design. All components are mounted on a single substantial steel underframe providing rigidity, low vibration and ease of installation.

The chassis dynamometer control system includes several automated routines to test and validate all the main performance criteria.
 Emission chassis dynamometer solutions are also available for truck and motorcycle applications

Main Features of our Emissions Chassis dynamometers:

  • 48″ roll with centre-mounted AC motor
  • Compliant with EPA, EURO 6 legislative emissions test requirements
  • High accuracy and repeatability with fast response inertia simulation
  • Clean power IGBT AC drive technology
  • Thermally stabilized load measurement system
  • Twin encoders for increased accuracy
  • Real time control processor and separate Graphical User interface PC using distributed I/O hardware platform
  • Automated dynamometer performance testing routines
  • Above floor loadcell calibration
  • 4×2 and 4×4 configurations
  • 4×4 independent systems for Hybrid Vehicle testing
  • Robust design for long and trouble-free operational life
  • Low maintenance and lifecycle costs

A Robot driver is also available to complement this Chassis dynamometer to assist with repeatable results.

(per axle)    (Medium Duty Vehicle)
Roll diameter    1.219m (48 inches)
Roll width    914.4mm
Roll spacing    914.4mm
Inertia simulation range    454 – 5450 kg
Maximum axle road    4500 kg
Power (continuous rating)    From 150 kW (90 – 200 km/h)
Force at roller surface (continuous rating)    From 6000 N (0 – 90 km/h)
Intermittent power    150% Overload for 30 seconds every 30 minutes
Maximium Speed    200 km/h
Dynamometer Enviroment    -10°C to +40°C


(at up to 4m/s2) 2WD 4WD
Transient force ± 3.5 N ± 5 N
Steady state force ± 2.5 N ± 4 N
Local repeatability ± 1.5 N ± 3 N
Speed control ± 0.01 km/h ± 0.01 km/h
T90 Inertia simulation response < 50 ms < 50 ms
Front/rear roll speed synchronisation N/A ± 0.02 km/h

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