Future Powertrain Conference 27-28 February 2019

UK Admin
27 Februar 19

28-29 February 2019

For the 3rd year in a row, KRATZER AUTOMATION are exhibiting at the Future Powertrain Conference in Solihull.  The event brings together industry and academic experts within the powertrain development field.  It will open up presentations and discussions on the solutions to the challenges faced by the engineering industry in the UK and internationally over the next ten years.

Our team is happy to tell you about the key benefits of our latest vehicle energy system for battery simulation and battery tests, the VES4-c which comes with a very compact design and an outstanding measuring accuracy.

This year, Hofmann TeSys will be joining KRATZER AUTOMATION at the conference, as one of the leading suppliers of chassis dynamometers and roll test stands.

Hofmann TeSys were acquired by KRATZER AUTOMATION in 2018 to support their customers even more comprehensively with our projects. KRATZER AUTOMATION can support you from A-Z, all over the world. Visit us at booth #33 in the Britannia Suite to learn more. https://futurepowertrains.co.uk/

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