The history of Hofmann TeSys Prüftechnik GmbH as we know it today began in 1947 with the foundation of a company of the same name by Walter Kleinsorge.  During the early years of the business, water brakes, which were designed according to the Junkers principle, formed the core business. Over next few years, the product portfolio was constantly expanded culminating in the introduction of the first roll test stand for production line operation in 1952.

At that time, the design and development of these roll test stands was considered an innovative milestone within the automobile industry.  It meant that, for the first time, vehicles could go through an objective and reproducible test at the end of the production line.

Due to the constantly growing demand for test stands of all kinds, the founder of the company, Mr. Kleinsorge, looked for a strong strategic partner. In 1969, he formed a partnership with Gebr. Hofmann KG Maschinenfabrik Darmstadt.  In time, Mr. Kleinsorge retired and sold his business, and Gebr. Hofmann KG Maschinenfabrik Elze was founded.

Remaining as a part of the Hofmann Group (which also included Hofmann balancing and Hofmann garage equipment) the Elze site was renamed to Hofmann Prüftechnik GmbH in 1972. In same year, the company was relocated to newly constructed factory with office space at Heilswannenweg. An additional office building was erected only a few years later to accommodate the growing business. During this peak period of production, up to 280 people were employed at the site.

In the mid 1990’s the Hofmann Group entered financial difficulty resulting in the company entering administration. The Elze site was sold to the FKI Group (the owners of Froude Consine) as a going concern in 1996, and a name changed to Froude Hofmann Prüftechnik GmbH.

In 2007 during a restructure of the business, FKI sold its ‘Froude Group’ to Harris Watson Holdings PLC, and the Elze Company renamed to Froude Hofmann GmbH.  The Elze premises did not escape the financial crisis of 2008, but the business continued to operate with a reduced workforce at the site.

In 2016 the Elze business was bought by TeSys Co. Ltd, South Korea and, after 20 years, the company returned to its well-known trading name of Hofmann Prüftechnik GmbH.

In 2018 the company rebranded to include the name of parent company TeSys Co Ltd.  As such, the business would now be known as Hofmann TeSys Prüftechnik GmbH.

Today, Hofmann TeSys is a strong business corporation with:

  • Engineering and Manufacturing facilities in Elze, Germany
  • Engineering and Control/software solutions in Worcester, UK
  • Sales and Service offices in
    • Paris, France
    • Shanghai, China
  • Representatives in:
    • Europe
    • Australia
    • USA

Our product range covers test equipment for vehicles & components for motorbikes, passenger cars, commercial, industrial and agricultural vehicles.

Hofmann TeSys test equipment can be used independently, whether it be for R&D or end-of-line application.

At our headquarters, we plan, design and assemble ‘state-of-the-art’ test systems for our worldwide customers.

As a strong and reliable business partner, we are here to help you to find the right product solution for your business.

KRATZER AUTOMATION acquires Hofmann TeSys

KRATZER AUTOMATION AG expands its range of solutions in the field of test bench technology by taking over Hofmann TeSys Prüftechnik GmbH and its British sister company Hofmann TeSys UK Ltd. KRATZER AUTOMATION takes over the two companies from the South Korean owner TeSys Co., Ltd. effective September 27, 2018.

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