Independent Chassis Dynamometer

Independent Chassis Dynamometer

Hofmann TeSys has a long established reputation for the design and supply of chassis dynamometers for vehicle testing in R&D and production applications.  With this expertise and knowledge, Hofmann TeSys has developed advanced 4×4 ‚all independent‘ chassis dynamometers for hybrid and fuel-cell vehicle development.

Froude Hofmann Independent Chassis Dynamometer

The system provides a highly flexible, multi-purpose test system capable of testing the latest vehicle and powertrain systems with complex energy distribution strategies, and increasingly complex driveline configurations.

The unique roll synchronisation control capability of the independent chassis dynamometer enables various powertrain configurations to be tested in accurately simulated road and operational conditions.

Four individual motor roll assemblies effectively control each wheel independently.  In normal operation, all four rolls are accurately synchronised to present a ‚through the road‘ simulated condition to the test vehicle’s powertrain.  This is achieved while ensuring that the sum of the forces applied to all the rolls correctly simulates the total vehicle inertia and road load force.  The actual forces applied individually to each roll by the AC motors are automatically and dynamically adjusted to ensure that the four rollers operate at the same speed.

This movement of forces is highly responsive to the force distribution produced by the vehicle through the specific powertrain configuration, enabling accurate roll speed synchronisation.

The combination of our independent 4×4 chassis dynamometer systems with our automated Robot Driver and ‚real world‘ vDriver™ simulation software creates the ultimate in flexibility and the heart of an advanced Hardware-In-Loop powertrain test facility.

Powertrain testing of innovative driveline configurations including hybrid and kinetic energy recovery systems is made possible that enables complex energy flow strategy developments.

Our advanced powertrain & chassis dynamometer system can be utilised for:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Light Duty vehicles in 4×2 and 4×4 configurations
  • Medium Duty vehicles in 4×2 and 4×4 configurations
  • Electric vehicles

Advanced systems allow testing of:

  • ABS brake systems
  • Traction control systems
  • Corner simulation for differential and driveline testing
  • Vehicle electronic driving aids, such as collision avoidance systems
  • Automated Robot Driver
  • Real World vDriver™ simulation software
  • Facilities planning and installation services
  • Comprehensive in-house and/or on-site training courses
  • Tailored preventative maintenance contracts
  • On-line diagnostics and support via modem or VPN
  • Technical Helpline Support

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