Maintenance Agreements

Scheduled Maintenance

Preventative, Predictive, Regular Maintenance is essential to minimise the risk of unscheduled breakdowns.

Hofmann TeSys employs a number of techniques to monitor and assess the condition of machines under-contract. This enables detection of early warning signs of imminent failure allowing equipment to be repaired prior to expensive and inconvenient catastrophic failure.

Our Maintenance agreements are designed around your specific requirements. Maintenance can be scheduled to coincide with planned shutdown or worked into periods of reduced test cell demand. Calibration checks and certification to national/international standards can also be included in these agreements if required.

Maintenance agreements are tailored to suit the client needs and can be based on machine type, extent of use, and nature of testing being undertaken.

The services we offer include:

  • Planned maintenance
  • Calibrations traceable to National/International Standards
  • Prioritised breakdown support
  • Emergency parts
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