New Product Release – DriveTec_GPS

UK Admin
01 August 17

Following a specific request and a number discussions with one of the major motor manufacturers, Hofmann Prüftechnik has released the latest in a series of new products – DriveTec_GPS.

Hofmann Prüftechnik developed this new product to provide our client with solution that would use a high accuracy vehicle speed signal for use in the real World, rather than a signal from the Chassis Dynamometer for a typical Drivers Aid.  Fundamentally, the unit operates in the same way as the in-cell Drivers Aid, but with one or two enhancements that allow pre-programmed or legislative cycles to be followed whilst driving in the real World.

Whilst the idea seemed a little strange initially, the unit has been used extensively for testing in hot climates to validate schedules and  results, prior to moving the tests into the more traditional climatic chamber test facility.

Hofmann Prüftechnik are now offering this exciting new product to all customers, and would be pleased to provide more information on request or view/download the specification here.

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