S-RTS-4-4 Completed at FAW-VW Changchun, China

UK Admin
12 Dezember 17

Installation and commissioning of a Shake Roll Test Stand type “S-RTS-4-4” has recently been completed at the R&D Centre at FAW-VW Changchun, China.

The S-RTS system with integral chassis torsion capability is installed in a climatic chamber, and is specifically designed to be operated at a range of temperatures between -40 Deg C to +60 Deg C.

Based on the standard Hofmann Prüftechnik design, the equipment allows for testing vehicles up to 50kph whilst running on a ‘Pavé blocks’ and allows a chassis twist of up to +/-4° at a frequency of up to 0.5Hz.

More information about our Shake Roll Test Stands can be found here


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