Are you using your dynamometer and control system to its full potential?

When your equipment was installed, it is likely that you had some training on it but that may have been simply to get you up-and-running, so the extensive functionality of the equipment and controllers has never really been fully explored or explained.

This means that there is a lot more that your control system is capable of but which you either don’t know how to use or are not actually aware of.

We can offer training on all aspects of our dynamometer test systems.


Benefits of Hofmann TeSys Training

  • training delivered by experienced, professional personnel
  • improvement in productivity, time management, and staff confidence
  • if you have existing test systems, training can make better use of the equipment
  • training courses can be tailor-made to your requirements
  • our training will give you assurance that your test systems will be managed safely and reliably
  • location of training – choose from – training at our Conference Centre and purpose-built live test cell in the UK – OR – training at your own site

Training covers topics ranging from the theory of operation of various dynamometer types to hands on operator training or maintenance, and can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Training on our control & data acquisition systems covers basic theory of the control system, configuring the system to individual requirements, and operating the system to run test sequences.

Our Customer Training Centre in Worcester is the ideal environment for learning. We have a large conference training room capable of training up to about 10-12 people, plus a purpose built, live test cell, with dynamometer, engine and control room.
~ Relevant training is cost-effective and can improve service delivery ~
To request more information about our training courses, to discuss your individual requirements, or to obtain a quotation for training either at your site or at Worcester, simply complete and submit the following form.

A member of our Training Team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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