Transmission Test

Transmission Testing

Powertrain testing is undergoing radical changes, driven by the challenges which global society faces today. The need for reduced dependence on fossil-fuels and improved carbon footprints is driving changes in the technologies used in all vehicles. This, in turn, has a direct impact on approaches to the testing of powertrain components and systems.

Our powertrain test facilities benefit from the combination of our expertise and experience in engine and chassis dynamometer design and control techniques. These, along with the advanced simulations developed for our own Robot Driver and vDriver systems, ensure we are able to provide the very best solutions for powertrain and transmission testing requirements.

Powertrain test applications available include various arrangements of transmission test stands through to full powertrain test systems, with multiple dynamometers and either an engine driven input or a further AC machine. Ultimate flexibility is provided with our hybrid powertrain test facilities, enabling individual testing of prime movers, a fully synchronised test with both power sources operational and many simulations in between.

The associated control systems include full road load and inertia simulation with accurate speed synchronisation of the powertrain outputs. Additionally, several advanced features are available including full journey replay and simulation, facility services, and HIL simulation packages to ensure rapid development of powertrain systems or components.

All systems can be provided to accommodate both 2 and 4 wheel drive solutions, as well as additional replacement of prime movers for transmission only testing.

Whether the requirement is for long term durability, NVH, emissions, or driveability testing, we have the solution.

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