vDriver Simulation Software

vDriver Simulation Software

VDriver provides development engineers with a unique package that can reduce the product development cycle involved in vehicle, engine powertrain testing, by simulating the variability associated with particular driving styles and routes.

vDriver operates as a distance based sequencer, allowing users to reproduce specific routes and driving styles on their chassis, transient engine and powertrain dynamometers. users can either record routes, or select global pre-recorded routes provided within the package.The vDriverTM package incorporates real-traffic and road-hazard conditions into the test-cell, allowing the user to simulate realistic operational conditions into the development cycle both quickly and repeatedly. The routes include a record of the road type, speed limits, traffic lights and other road-based events.

In this way the engine, power-train or vehicle may be robustly tested to realistic and varying driving conditions whilst in a laboratory environment, providing a user with the following benefits:

  • Dramatically reduces development timescales due to the efficiency of reproducing a variety of operational circumstances in a controlled environment
  • Verifiy the robustness of the Engine calibrations under „Real World“ driving conditions – minimising expensive recalls from unexpected combinations of circumstances
  • Evaluate appropriate Hybrid Powertrain strategies under realistic operational demands (e.g. urban environments)
  • Conduct integrated engine – powertrain- chassis system development and HIL testing
  • Reproduce specific favourite or defined routes from any location in any of your test facilities
  • Replicate your customers‘ preferred test route in your facility without the expense and logistics of vehicle testing on location

vDriver is presented on a ruggedised PC- tablet with a high-visibility display and has the following capabilities.

  • A powerful Journey Record application for one-time capturing of route and road data whilst driving
  • Definition of driver behaviour and style-characteristics – A User may define either customise the driving style using parameter listings to create a specific Real Driver characteristic, or select from a pre-loaded menu
  • A User may define the traffic-density conditions required on the route
  • vDriverTM may execute multiple simulations of the driven route using different driver profiles

Full Graphical visualisation of the route and traffic encountered is provided.

PC Specification

  • GETAC V100 1.2 GHz Dual Core Industrial laptop
  • Rotatable screen converts to a tablet PC for in vehicle use
  • 12.1″ Widescreen Sunlight Readable Touch Screen
  • Full Magnesium Alloy Case with Hand Strap
  • IP54 and Shock protected fully ruggedized PC
  • Supplied with AC and DC power adaptors for in vehicle use


GPS Specification

  • Haicom model HI-204III USB GPS Receiver
  • Utilises the Industry standard SiRF111 chipset
  • GPS data output in NMEA format (industry Standard)
  • Supports Bluetooth connection to a PC
  • Uses all „in view“ satellites for high accuracy, accurate to within 5 Metres with SBAS enabled

Download the vDriver Simulation Software Brochure:

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