Wheel Alignment Machine

Wheel Alignment Machine

Hofmann TeSys designs and manufactures various types of Wheel Alignment Machines. These machines provide the means to measure toe, camber, and caster angles of all four vehicle wheels and the optimum data for the final adjustment of the wheel angles.

The modular machines are available with two different measuring heads: contacting rollers on the tyre sidewall or non-contacting lasers which view the tyre sidewall. The non-contact measurement machines can be equipped with one of two laser manufacturer’s  light section probes – the manufacturers being  VISICON.

The Hofmann TeSys Wheel Alignment Machines are very robust, high accuracy devices with angle measuring accuracies of  ± one minute. Fibre optic cables, with VISICON laser cameras, provide interference-free data transfer from the laser sensors to the computer operating system which carries out data analysis and displays information.

All Machines have wheel drive rollers with a floating feature to ease the wheel adjustment process.

Main Features

  • Non-contact measurement for toe, camber, caster, dogtrack, and ride height
  • Adjustment of vehicle specific systems like S-Point, load controlled brake etc.
  • Measuring of different tyre and rim sizes at only one Wheel Alignment Machine
  • High accuracy
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance

For Technical Data – Passenger Car, download the Fact Sheet:

For Technical Data – Commercial Vehicle, download the Fact Sheet:

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